Looking for Cheap Cloud Hosting?

For those who are going to work with website, it is normal to find cloud hosting. Cloud hosting starts to be good choice to build and develop a website since it has better bandwidth and data security services. Even, some providers can provide large bandwidth, so there will be less overloaded problems when the websites are accessed. Nowadays, it is not a big problem to find websites or companies that provide services of cloud hosting. Since the demands keep increasing, many providers appear and offer many kinds of nice features. Therefore, it will not be a big problem to find cheap hosting. However, the hosting needs more than just cheap or affordable price. There should be good quality and that’s what makes you need more effort to find the best provider.

Choosing the Best and Cheap Cloud Hosting

As we know, there is tendency that cheap hosting providers will give less quality of services compared to the pricey ones. That’s why, you should be selective. As for reference, Seekdotnet.com can be good choice. This website is a great provider that knows what clients need.

Although it has affordable prices, clients do not need to worry about the features and services. Reliability and scalability of this provider is great. Then, it also allows users or clients to customize and even individualize the setting of server based on client’s unique requirements. This enables you to have your own customization, so it can also provide better performance. Related to customization, Seekdotnet.com provides some options of hosting plans. Therefore, you can find the most suitable ones based on what you need.

  1. Cloud One

This is the most affordable hosting plan. For its website quota, this plan can only provide 1 website with bandwidth up to 10 GB. For database management, this can support MSSQL 2012 up to MSSQL 2016 and MySQL database. About email accounts, it handles up to 10 email accounts. There are also 24/7 online support and guarantee of money back during 30 days after the plan is purchased.

  1. Cloud Two

There are some differences in what this plan offers. First, this can provide up to two website quotas. Then, the bandwidth is also up to 40 GB, so it is up to four times compared to the previous plan. For email accounts, this can hold up to 20 accounts with space up to 500 MB. The other features are similar to the Cloud One.

  1. Cloud Three

The next hosting plan is Cloud Three. Compared the other plans, it is called as the best plan since it has quite comfortable prices with better services and features. For example, there is no problem with website quota any more as this plan provides unlimited quota. The bandwidth and email account are also unlimited.

  1. Cloud Four

This is the most expensive one compared to the other plans. However, the features and services are almost similar to the Cloud Three. Some differences can be found in its database management and web hosting space, where this plan offers larger spaces and quotas.