What is Dedicated Server Hosting? It’s Importance for your Website?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting It’s Importance for your Website
What is Dedicated Server Hosting It’s Importance for your Website
What is Dedicated Server Hosting It’s Importance for your Website

Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting that you can use for your website, especially when you had a popular website with high traffic as well. However, what is the meaning of dedicated server hosting? And it is really important for your website? Below we will give some explanation for you about these things.

Dedicated Server Hosting Definition

For the first of all, let us start from the definition. Dedicated server is actually a kind of hosting server where we as the user is being able to rent the whole server. It means that this is a computer server that is only used by you and you don’t need to share with the other users. That is why; we already stated above that dedicated server is the only option that you have to use for a big and popular website.

Is Dedicated Server Really Important?

It is no doubt that dedicated server can give you more benefits and it will help you to save the website from some unwanted problems as well. Now, maybe we have to understand about the system that is owned by dedicated server and how it can help your business.

  • High Standard Security System. Dedicated server will guarantee the safety aspects that you desire to get. It is because you don’t need to share the server with the other users. It means that you will be far away from some bad probabilities such as spamming that was done by one of the websites on a same server. Dedicated server will give the safety guarantee of both, the data and client basis. This factor is really essential especially if you were running an e-commerce business where client’s data is really important.
  • Faster time processing. Dedicated server will give faster time processing than the shared hosting. It is because the allocation of time processing speed is only focused on you as the only user on a server. As we know that a big and interesting website make a higher visitors traffic as well. This busy traffic will cause slow server speed. On this case, dedicated server will avoid you from this speed problem.
  • Full Control. Dedicated server offers a full control for client for doing everything that the client’s wants. All the aspects such as the security system, access level, desired applications and system configurations can be changed based on the needs of your business. It will be really different with shared hosting which client is usually unable to install some software applications that are needed for tweaking the server configuration.

From the explanation above, it is really clear that dedicated server is essential for a website, especially if you were running the big website for business or e-commerce.