What DNN Has Been up to Since ESW Acquisition

As we know, the development of website has become so massive. There are many developers who keep making improvements and developments in order to make the websites more useful with plenty of features and contents. Of course, the development cannot be separated from the existence of software and application. There are many kinds of software to choose and DNN Software will be the famous software to work with websites. This is quite popular because of its type as open source, so it provides easy access for users. Moreover, customizing and developing the website can be much easier with it. Actually, there are some changes and developments in management of DNN and it is quite interesting to see these points.

Some of Interesting Points on the DNN after ESW Acquisition

As the famous and useful software, DNN keeps developing. There are many progresses and developments made by this software to give more functions and features for users. In fact, the changes are not only in the aspect of software and features, but there is also acquisition by ESW that later makes some changes and improvements in management of developer. These are some interesting things about DNN after acquisition.

  1. Management

It is true that there are some differences in management. It is normal since there is acquisition, but this does not mean bad things. There are some good points coming from this. One of them is about Ecosystem Advisory Groups.

This becomes the interesting things about acquisition. There are groups that will later manage its ecosystem and have important roles in developing DNN and its interaction with users. That’s why there is ecosystem to describe important factors in development of software. There are four groups and each of them has different concern, such as concern in technology, developers, partners, and awareness.

  1. Community

The other interesting thing is about concern on community. Community becomes important roles in developing application since it is place where all users gather. There can be many discussions about the software, including the bugs and responses. Of course, members of community can give suggestions and other inputs needed to develop the software and services.

In this case, community also becomes media to have communication. Management and developer can maintain good relationship with users of software from the community. This concern brings good improvements for this software.

  1. Newsletter

The other one is about newsletter. This is also other way of communication from ecosystem of DNN to all users. The newsletter will be given or shared periodically to tell all users about updates and other news. With the routine newspaper, people can easily get informed. Moreover, emails are not the only media to share the newspaper. Blog and other media are also used to inform what happens lately in ecosystem.

Those are several good things coming from the progress made by ecosystem of DNS after acquisition. Of course, there are many things happen to create better user experience and give the better development for open source of this app.