VPS Today? Why Not?

Developing a website is necessary nowadays. There have been many benefits coming from owning websites. That’s why now website is like requirements in business. Lately, some web developers start to use VPS or Virtual Private Server to gain more access to the website, so they can have better customization. If you also have website and planned to develop it to be better and bigger site, it is time to consider using VPS hosting. Compared to Semi-Dedicated Server, VPS hosting is much better when it comes to the privatization and customization.

The Right Choices of VPS Hosting

In fact, VPS hosting is needed to develop the website. With VPS hosting, you will not need to worry about your access for website management. Simply, it can be said that you will have full control of your website once using VPS hosting. Server can be fully controlled and you do not need to worry about interference of other websites. Of course, you can customize your website easily since you are the one managing and controlling the server.

Related to hosting, there are many providers of VPS hosting today. For reference of good provider, Seekdotnet.com is the best choice. There are many good things provided, for example you will be able to install all software you need and there is no limitation since you control the server. Then, there is no sharing space and resources, so you do not need to worry about the space and performance. To give the best services, there is also 24/7 live support. You can have live chat whenever you need help or find problems in using the services.

In this case, Seekdotnet.com is not only good in giving those services, but you can also choose your own VPS hosting plans. There are some options choose; just find the most suitable ones based on what you need. So far, there are five hosting plans and these are the information about it.

  1. Bronze
    This is the first VPS hosting plan from Seekdotnet.com. It is the cheapest plan and there are some features to offer. For its CPU, you will get 4-cores CPU with 1 GB of RAM and 25 GB of storage. About bandwidth, you will get 1000 GB of bandwidth.
  2. Silver
    This is the second hosting plan that comes with some differences of features compared to the Bronze plans. For example, you can get 2 GB of RAM and 50 GB of storage. For bandwidth, you will get 4000 GB.
  3. Gold
    The third option is Gold hosting plan. Compared to Silver plan, there are some differences in its RAM, storage and bandwidth. Gold plan provides 4 GB of RAM with 100 GB of storage. Then, there is 5000 GB of bandwidth to offer.
  4. Platinum
    This is the fourth plan. Its RAM is up to 8 GB with 200 GB of storage. Then, the bandwidth is up to 6000 GB.
  5. Diamond
    This hosting plan has 16 GB of RAM and 400 GB of storage. For bandwidth, it is up to 7000 GB.

What DNN Has Been up to Since ESW Acquisition

As we know, the development of website has become so massive. There are many developers who keep making improvements and developments in order to make the websites more useful with plenty of features and contents. Of course, the development cannot be separated from the existence of software and application. There are many kinds of software to choose and DNN Software will be the famous software to work with websites. This is quite popular because of its type as open source, so it provides easy access for users. Moreover, customizing and developing the website can be much easier with it. Actually, there are some changes and developments in management of DNN and it is quite interesting to see these points.

Some of Interesting Points on the DNN after ESW Acquisition

As the famous and useful software, DNN keeps developing. There are many progresses and developments made by this software to give more functions and features for users. In fact, the changes are not only in the aspect of software and features, but there is also acquisition by ESW that later makes some changes and improvements in management of developer. These are some interesting things about DNN after acquisition.

  1. Management

It is true that there are some differences in management. It is normal since there is acquisition, but this does not mean bad things. There are some good points coming from this. One of them is about Ecosystem Advisory Groups.

This becomes the interesting things about acquisition. There are groups that will later manage its ecosystem and have important roles in developing DNN and its interaction with users. That’s why there is ecosystem to describe important factors in development of software. There are four groups and each of them has different concern, such as concern in technology, developers, partners, and awareness.

  1. Community

The other interesting thing is about concern on community. Community becomes important roles in developing application since it is place where all users gather. There can be many discussions about the software, including the bugs and responses. Of course, members of community can give suggestions and other inputs needed to develop the software and services.

In this case, community also becomes media to have communication. Management and developer can maintain good relationship with users of software from the community. This concern brings good improvements for this software.

  1. Newsletter

The other one is about newsletter. This is also other way of communication from ecosystem of DNN to all users. The newsletter will be given or shared periodically to tell all users about updates and other news. With the routine newspaper, people can easily get informed. Moreover, emails are not the only media to share the newspaper. Blog and other media are also used to inform what happens lately in ecosystem.

Those are several good things coming from the progress made by ecosystem of DNS after acquisition. Of course, there are many things happen to create better user experience and give the better development for open source of this app.

Looking for Cheap Cloud Hosting?

For those who are going to work with website, it is normal to find cloud hosting. Cloud hosting starts to be good choice to build and develop a website since it has better bandwidth and data security services. Even, some providers can provide large bandwidth, so there will be less overloaded problems when the websites are accessed. Nowadays, it is not a big problem to find websites or companies that provide services of cloud hosting. Since the demands keep increasing, many providers appear and offer many kinds of nice features. Therefore, it will not be a big problem to find cheap hosting. However, the hosting needs more than just cheap or affordable price. There should be good quality and that’s what makes you need more effort to find the best provider.

Choosing the Best and Cheap Cloud Hosting

As we know, there is tendency that cheap hosting providers will give less quality of services compared to the pricey ones. That’s why, you should be selective. As for reference, Seekdotnet.com can be good choice. This website is a great provider that knows what clients need.

Although it has affordable prices, clients do not need to worry about the features and services. Reliability and scalability of this provider is great. Then, it also allows users or clients to customize and even individualize the setting of server based on client’s unique requirements. This enables you to have your own customization, so it can also provide better performance. Related to customization, Seekdotnet.com provides some options of hosting plans. Therefore, you can find the most suitable ones based on what you need.

  1. Cloud One

This is the most affordable hosting plan. For its website quota, this plan can only provide 1 website with bandwidth up to 10 GB. For database management, this can support MSSQL 2012 up to MSSQL 2016 and MySQL database. About email accounts, it handles up to 10 email accounts. There are also 24/7 online support and guarantee of money back during 30 days after the plan is purchased.

  1. Cloud Two

There are some differences in what this plan offers. First, this can provide up to two website quotas. Then, the bandwidth is also up to 40 GB, so it is up to four times compared to the previous plan. For email accounts, this can hold up to 20 accounts with space up to 500 MB. The other features are similar to the Cloud One.

  1. Cloud Three

The next hosting plan is Cloud Three. Compared the other plans, it is called as the best plan since it has quite comfortable prices with better services and features. For example, there is no problem with website quota any more as this plan provides unlimited quota. The bandwidth and email account are also unlimited.

  1. Cloud Four

This is the most expensive one compared to the other plans. However, the features and services are almost similar to the Cloud Three. Some differences can be found in its database management and web hosting space, where this plan offers larger spaces and quotas.

Differences between Collocated Web Server and Dedicated Hosting

Differences between Collocated Web Server and Dedicated Hosting
Differences between Collocated Web Server and Dedicated Hosting

Collocated and Dedicated Server is two kinds of servers that can be an important supporting media for your website. Those servers are different based on some aspects although maybe some people thought that these servers are the same. Below we will give some explanations about these servers that maybe it will be important for you.

Dedicated Server

First of all, we will explain about dedicated hosting or dedicated hosting. Dedicated Server is a server service that is really appropriate to be used by big companies that needs massive data spaces because of the visitors traffic level is higher and more than the needs of some usual servers. These two benefits can be gotten from the fully controlled server features such as operation systems options, control panel, bandwidth amount and many more.

Dedicated server is usually bought by renting a hardware or server only for us as the only user, so we don’t need to share with the other renters. Usually, on a dedicated server package, you will be able to see the options of bandwidth, possibility in renting the staffs or you want to manage all these things by yourself.

Collocated Server

Collocation server is actually a server that is placed on a safe place that has a good standard of safety and storage server. Usually, this place is called a data center or collocation. Some reasons to place a data on data center are to avoid many things that may disturb and trigger some problems on data existence that is kept on a server because of some problems such as the instability of electricity in supplying the electricity, instability internet connection and instability security system.

If dedicated server gives more simple technical system, it doesn’t happen on a collocated server. What we mean here is that on a collocated server you have to buy everything by yourself such as the switch, firewall, setting and you have to do the installation by yourself. Besides that, you have to rent all the technicians and server experts all by yourself. It means that you need more expensive cost to buy a collocated server, but its worth to do. Collocated server is perfect for a company that has enough budget and resources for managing the server in a long term way. So, it is reasonable enough if we only seen that only the rich and big company that can rent this server. However, they usually had been done some detail count and analysis about all such as the profits that they will get by renting this collocated server. They just want that all that they already done will be equal and will not make the budget and human resources that already used did not have any meaning. The main goal is that they just want to get the profit from this collocation server.

Those are some differences about collocated server and dedicated server web hosting that we can share to you. We hope that this information will be beneficial enough and will make you right in choosing the best kind of server for your website.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting? It’s Importance for your Website?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting It’s Importance for your Website
What is Dedicated Server Hosting It’s Importance for your Website

Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting that you can use for your website, especially when you had a popular website with high traffic as well. However, what is the meaning of dedicated server hosting? And it is really important for your website? Below we will give some explanation for you about these things.

Dedicated Server Hosting Definition

For the first of all, let us start from the definition. Dedicated server is actually a kind of hosting server where we as the user is being able to rent the whole server. It means that this is a computer server that is only used by you and you don’t need to share with the other users. That is why; we already stated above that dedicated server is the only option that you have to use for a big and popular website.

Is Dedicated Server Really Important?

It is no doubt that dedicated server can give you more benefits and it will help you to save the website from some unwanted problems as well. Now, maybe we have to understand about the system that is owned by dedicated server and how it can help your business.

  • High Standard Security System. Dedicated server will guarantee the safety aspects that you desire to get. It is because you don’t need to share the server with the other users. It means that you will be far away from some bad probabilities such as spamming that was done by one of the websites on a same server. Dedicated server will give the safety guarantee of both, the data and client basis. This factor is really essential especially if you were running an e-commerce business where client’s data is really important.
  • Faster time processing. Dedicated server will give faster time processing than the shared hosting. It is because the allocation of time processing speed is only focused on you as the only user on a server. As we know that a big and interesting website make a higher visitors traffic as well. This busy traffic will cause slow server speed. On this case, dedicated server will avoid you from this speed problem.
  • Full Control. Dedicated server offers a full control for client for doing everything that the client’s wants. All the aspects such as the security system, access level, desired applications and system configurations can be changed based on the needs of your business. It will be really different with shared hosting which client is usually unable to install some software applications that are needed for tweaking the server configuration.

From the explanation above, it is really clear that dedicated server is essential for a website, especially if you were running the big website for business or e-commerce.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

The Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan
The Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

If you were running a website, choosing a web hosting can be really difficult. What we mean here is that, choosing a web hosting with the best services is not easy because nowadays there are so many web hosting that offer many interesting features with interesting price as well. Below, we will help you by giving some factors that you can consider in choosing the best web hosting plan.

Look at the Purpose

First of all, you have to know precisely about what is your purpose in making a website. Did you make it to earn some money or for the other purposes. If your purpose is personal, it is better for using the free web hosting service, but if you run a business from that website you have to choose the paid hosting. It is because the paid web hosting is specially made for them who run the website for their business. Some features that are mostly needed for the business are such as the domain hosting, standard paid hosting and colocation. Shared Hosting is the most common web hosting option that you can use for your website. This is usually charged annually or monthly. Then depending on the Operating system there is also cheap asp.net hosting and linux hosting plan.


We cannot deny that price becomes the main consideration for some people to choose the best web hosting service. Some people maybe prefer to choose the cheapest hosting option because they want to reduce the cost. However, the question is that is this the best option? The answer is not really. You have to remember that the statement of you will get what you pay is right. Usually, the cheapest web hosting consists of less effective features and usually you will need more expensive cost if sometimes you wanted to change the host. The best solution to do is by only choosing a web hosting that offers a reasonable price with reasonable features as well.

Customer Service

There is always a possibility that something can go wrong or a moment when you needed to ask a question about the hosting no matter how well the hosting company that you use. That is why; you have to make sure that the web hosting service that you have already chosen is having a responsible customer’s service. How if there was no team exists? You have to fix the problem by yourself or maybe you have to move to the other web hosting and we are sure that this is so stressing. That is why; make sure that your web hosting has responsible customers’ service, they have a live chat customers’ service and make sure how you can contact them. Before choosing or using a web hosting, try to contact the customers’ service numbers and make sure that that is worked really well.

Choose the right type of hosting

First of all, you have to be aware that there are some types of website hosting that are existed; they are the shared ( cheap asp,net hosting and linux hosting), reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting. You can choose each of those types based on the size of your website. Shared hosting is perfect to be used for small and medium sized websites. Shared hosting is meaning that you can share some hosting spaces with the other websites. If you had a big size website with more than 10,000 visitors each day and over 10 GB files, you can use the dedicated server. With this dedicated server, you will not share any spaces with the other websites. It means that you are the only one who has the rights on that server, having more bandwidth and server. Whatever types that you choose, you have to remember that you have to take up more space up to 20% more than your needed spaces.

How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Website Hosting Providers

How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Website Hosting Providers
How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Website Hosting Providers

It is maybe worrying when we want to rent a hosting when we already paid the cost and deal with the contract but in fact the service of a web hosting provider is bad. The taste of service from a web hosting provider can be seen from the people who are placed at the front part such as the sales, technical supports and billing. From these three kinds of employees, technical support is the part that has mostly having the strongest correlation with us as user. That is why; we can say that technical support is the most essential division that can create a satisfaction or disappointment from the users. Below we will give some advices in distinguishing good or bad website hosting providers.

  1. Make a Good Provider as the “Standard”

Yes, it is better if you tried to choose or use a recommended web hosting provider, experience the services that are offered and if the services are satisfying you can make it as a standard. You can use this good service as the base quality standard if sometimes you wanted to use the other web hosting provider. If the other provider has better service than the standard, you can distinguish that as a good web hosting provider, but if it was not, so you may not use that provider again. Usually, after experiencing many services from some different hosting providers, you can decide which one is good and which one is not.

  1. Note the Live Chat Quality

At the present time, most of the hosting providers had already provided the live chat service. With this feature, a problem is should be handled faster and better because a communication can be faster than using the other features such as email. However, it seemed that not all web hosting providers have the well trained team for having well manner and to service the customers with the best communication ways via a live chat service.

  1. Technical Support Connection

As we already stated at the beginning of this article, technical support is the most essential division that will help us to distinguish which web hosting provider is good or not. A service quality can be started after a user clicked the live chat button. If a few seconds after it was clicked and user can be connected with a representative staff and serve with the best solutions, we can distinguish that it is a good web hosting provider. The bad provider is usually made the customers have to wait really long to be connected with the staffs or maybe it is really hard for a user to be connected with the technical support staff. On this case, we can reassure that the stress level of customers or users will be increased and of course it is a sign that you can use to distinguish a web hosting provider. So, we have to pay attention about this.

How to Find Trustworthy Web Hosting Reviews

How to Find Trustworthy Web Hosting Reviews
How to Find Trustworthy Web Hosting Reviews

There are so many web hosting reviews and sources that we can find nowadays in the internet or the other literatures. However, it is difficult to choose which one is trusted enough to be our reference in choosing the best Web Hosting. If there was a question that states that “What is the trustworthy web hosting review or source?” So, the answer is maybe there is no trusted or reliable source for this case. We will reveal in how to find the trusted and reliable web hosting reviews sources by knowing the main problem first.

Problem that Occurs

Why we can state that it is really hard to find a trustworthy web hosting review? It is because what we can find nowadays in the internet is that most of Web Hosting reviews have an implicit goal. As an example, they maybe make a review of web hosting but at last they promote their hosting or the in the other words we can say that the one who made the review is the hosting reseller or hosting provider. Besides that, sometimes they also will allow the other web host to place an advertisement in that review site. What is the aim of this thing? It is of course to get more income from the advertisement cost. The other problem is that from a data we can know that in fact 50% of online assessments are fake and the testimonials and web comparison are also fake. So, it is better for you to not believe in that testimonials and assessments.

So, How to Find a Reliable Web Hosting Reviews?

We already stated above that finding a trustworthy web hosting service is maybe really difficult. However, it did not mean that you cannot find it. There are some ways that you can do to find the best and reliable review in finding the best web hosting service. The first of all, you can find from the search engine. Most people are usually finding the best web hosting by typing “THE BEST web hosting” at the searching engine. Actually, this keyword is less effective. As a solution, it is better for you to change or replacing that keyword into the other keyword such as “most reliable hosting service”. You can also combine this keyword with some questions that you want to ask to the company’s pre sales team.

The other way is by finding as much as information about a web hosting that you wants to choose. A good and reliable review is usually giving the information about account cancellation percentage. A hosting provider with low cancellation percentage is good hosting and it can be your option. A trustworthy web hosting review is also coming from a writer or an expert that is neutral. What we mean here is that that person is not joining at a web hosting company or not a web hosting reseller. It is also better for finding a review that is based on his experience and also that is attached with some other information such as the customers’ reviews and many more.